#SATW Sewing Around The World – Diorella / Manila

After the sewalong for summer dress Marta, we continue here on the blog with a new contribution to our Sewing Around The World project. Lately, Mady from Greece has sewn the Carla Jumper you can already admire on Instagram (a blog article will follow soon!) – now our blogtour will lead you far from Europe to the Philipines – more precisely to Manila.

There lives Diorella a seamstress who shares her beautiful projects and also some self drafted sewing patterns of which you can download some for free on her blog “Diorella”.

Diorella has selected the Tara Top for our Sewing Around The World tour and combined it with the Mary Pants. We always thought that this is a great combination and think Diorella definetely made the right choice!

For the Mary Pants Diorella was originally going to use some chambray/soft denim, but then found this beautiful tweed fabric from her stash which she thought it was perfect. She told us that she must have had it for the longest time, so she didn’t even know she had it. Diorella can’t remember where she bought it as well. She only had 1 yard of it, and was quite glad that she was able to fit it – she had to shorten the trousers to fit her legs.

For the Tara top, Diorella used a soft woven cotton by BelleBoo Designs. She thought it pairs up with my Mary Trousers perfectly – and we also think: yes, it does!

We are so enthusiastic about this lovely combination that we signed up the two patterns Top Tara and Mary Pants as “patterns of the month”. You can buy them for only 6 Euros each instead of 8 Euros. Maybe you also have something in your fabric stash that just waits to be sewn as some Mary Pants or a Tara Top…?

However we send a big THANK YOU towards Manila where Diorella hopefully is sewing and continues to inspire us with her great sewing projects! If you want to know more about Diorella and her sewing passion of course we also sent her our little interview you can read below…


Interview mit Diorella

Present yourself a little bit (name, age, children, name of the blog, age, city where you live, what you are doing when you are not sewing, …)

Hi, I’m Diorella. I am honoured to be this month’s guest in Sewing Around the World. It’s actually my birthday month, and I’m turning 27. YAY! I am from Manila, Philippines where it is either always sticky hot or rainy all day. I blog at http://diorella-n.blogspot.com – although not as often as I would like. I work full time at an office as an architect, sooo I don’t get a lot of sewing time for me. BOO!

When did you start to sew and why? How did you learn to sew?

PDF patterns taught me how to sew, I guess. I started sewing when I was 14. I started out hand sewing little dresses for my dolls. My grandmother bought me a machine soon after but it died in a matter of months. I didn’t really know what I was doing then. I got one after I graduated college, and haven’t stopped sewing since!

What are your favourite clothes? Do you have a fable for something?

I like sewing button up shirts for myself and simple knit dresses which you can just pop over your head. What I enjoy sewing mostly though, is children’s clothes. I love sewing for my niece, Erin.

Do you only sew for you or also for other people (husband, children, …)?

​I haven’t really sewn anything for another adult. I sew for myself, and children’s clothes. I started selling handmade dresses for little girls some time ago, but stopped because i don’t really have time. Now i just love giving them as gifts!

From where do you get your ideas? Do you buy patterns or do you invent your own ones?

PINTEREST! I love surfing the web for ideas and latest trends. I also follow other blogs/instagram and love seeing what other people make. There are so many wonderful creative people out there, they are so inspiring. I love PDF patterns, and i have a stash of them in my google drive. LOL.

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