Sewing Patterns for Shirts & Tops


You can never have enough tops in your wardrobe. Whether it's a casual tunic, a simple t-shirt with that little something special, a classic blouse with a collar, or a cosy hoodie: our patterns for tops have something for everyone!
And again, with your personal choice of fabric, you can easily create your own unique piece. Even if you've just started sewing, you'll find a pattern here. And further down, we've put together some tips and tricks for sewing beginners.


You have discovered sewing for yourself and love it passionately - but sometimes you want to toss everything at the wall in frustration because another seam has gone wrong?
Stay calm. We at schnittchen know this from our own learning phase! The following will minimize frustration, when learning to sew:

Useful accessories: There is no question that there is a wealth of sewing accessories - you want to buy everything right away. But some things are simply not suitable for you yet. It can be quite painful (financially, of course!) to have ruined a meter of expensive fabric... Here are our recommendations for an affordable basic sewing kit - this is what you really need:

• a good sewing machine: get advice from a specialist shop!
• colour-matching, high-quality sewing thread
• sewing needles/pins
• measuring tape
• protractor
• pencil and pattern paper for tracing
• tailoring chalk
Furthermore, having a fixed sewing place will surely help you. It is annoying to have to gather and set up the sewing machine every time (or dismantle it after you're done). Therefore, a fixed sewing place, even if it's just a small corner of a room, is invaluable. However, make sure to have sufficient light - if the place is too dark, sewing will become a very exhausting activity, not just for your eyes.

The right project: Don't take on too much at the beginning. This helps to stay on track. Good beginner sewing projects are small bags made from inexpensive cotton (e.g., for cosmetics). You can also give them away as gifts. The first "real" piece of clothing should also be relatively simple, such as our pattern for the Belinda shirt or the Smilla blouse. This way, you will gradually work your way up to more challenging models.
Now, get to the sewing machine - you can do it!

DIY – the true revolution!

The principle of sustainability is found in its purest form in self-making: you design, you create with your own hands, you choose the material. And in the end, you wear it on your body and define your appearance.

Schnittchen Sewing Patterns give you a hand with clear pattern and instructions.

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