Purchasing and Downloading your Sewing Pattern PDF

What you need:

Acrobat Reader, DIN A4 printer, DIN A4 paper, scissors (for paper), gluestick

Choose / Pay / Save
1 Choose the desired schnittchen from the shop and put it into the shopping cart.
2 When you are finished shopping, proceed to checkout and follow the payment routine. After receipt of payment a link will be mailed including a download link. With this you may easily download the pattern. If you registered with schnittchen and created an account, the pattern will be available for download in your account.

Print / Glue
1 Open the pdf-document and print all pages onto A4 paper.
2 The pdf contains information on gluing the pattern, a note on the difficulty level of the pattern, an overview of the layout of the printed pages and the sewing instruction. Then the actual pages containing the pattern follow.
3 There is a control-square placed on the information pages as well as on the pattern. It measures 10 square centimeters, please check the size of the square making sure that the printer is set (100%, do not scale) correctly. It is also possible to put the pattern onto an USB-drive and print it at a copy shop. Here also make sure that the printer is set correctly!
4 When printing, wait for the printer to stop before taking out the pattern. Also make sure the printer is fed correctly. All of the pages have a small frame and marks (small arrows) and are labelled (1a, 1b, 1c, …).
5 Sort the pages so that the first page is on top (see file). Start gluing the first row. Leave the first page as it is, cut off the left edge on each of the following pages and glue the pages together so that diamonds and numbers match up.
6 Continue for the following rows. Make sure to work precisely and the lines of the pattern pieces also match up.
7 After finishing with the last row, glue the rows together. The first row is left as it is, cut off the upper edge of the following rows. Glue by starting from the middle and working your way towards the edges.

Cutting / Sewing
You will end up with a pattern made from individual pages. Choose the correct size after comparing your measurements with the measurement chart. For dresses, shirts and jackets/coats go by the breast width, for pants and skirts the hip width is most important. The schnittchen measurement chart is found here as well as a short instruction on how to measure yourself. You may also find the measurement chart on each pattern.
2 Copy the correct size onto tracing paper and place the pattern pieces onto the fabric according to the cutting plan included in the pattern. Make sure to consider the grainline as well as the fold and the selvage. Cut the fabric along the edge of the pattern pieces. A sewing and hem allowance is included in all schnittchen patterns.
3 Before taking the pattern pieces off the fabric, transfer all marks onto the left side of the fabric.