Measure Up

Before you start cutting out the pattern pieces, you must measure yourself to determine your size using the following size chart. You can see how to measure yourself in the following sketch. Ask a friend to help you and stand in front of a mirror. When measuring the width, it is important that you guide the tape measure horizontally to the body, and do not constrict yourself at the point. The tape measure should be close to your body, but not tight.

Note your measurements and choose your size according to the size chart. For dresses, shirts and jackets, use your bust width as a guide, and for pants and skirts, use your hip circumference.

For further orientation, you will also find a table with the actual measurements of the finished garment in the pattern instructions.

BACK LENGTH: measure from base of neck to waist.

SHOULDERWIDTH: measure from the base of the neck to the outer curve of the shoulder

BREAST DEPTH: measure from the base of the neck to the strongest point on the chest

BUST: measure across the strongest part of the chest

UPPER ARM WIDTH: measure across the strongest part of the upper arm

WAIST: measure across the narrowest part of the waist

CROSS LENGTH: measure from the waist (front side) over the pubic area to the waist (back side)

TOP TIGH WIDTH: measure across the thickest part of the thigh.

KNEE WIDTH: measure across the strongest part of the knee

BODY LENGTH: Body length indicates how tall you are. It is measured without shoes from the crown of the head to the heel

Size Chart – Sizes 34-46 in cm

Sizes (UK)681012141618
Chest Depth26,727,127,52828,52929,8
Length Upper Body40,440,540,640,740,840,941
Width of Back32333435,236,437,639,4
Width Shoulder1212,112,212,312,412,512,7
Arm Length59.859.96060,260,460,660,8
Upper Arm Width26272829,430,832,234,2
Neck Width35,836,536,637,237,838,439,4

Size Chart – Sizes 48-56 in cm

Sizes (UK)2022242628
Chest Depth30,631,432,23333,8
Length Upper Body41,141,241,341,441,5
Width Shoulder12.913,113,313,513,7
Upper Tigh Width50,96060,260,460,6
Upper Arm Width36,238,240,242,244,2
Knee Width40,141,342,543,744,9