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With the Schnittchen Club, we offer you the opportunity to have access to our sewing patterns at a reduced price. With the monthly “Silver” subscription, you will receive a voucher for two patterns of your choice every month and can download all other patterns at half the regular price. Additionally, you will have access to exclusive Club-Only patterns for free.

If you choose “Gold”, you’ll have “all-in” – means you can download all our sewing patterns for free. With the Gold Subscription, you also have access to Club-Only patterns.

The subscriptions can be canceled at any time, with the cancellation taking effect at the end of the current month. In case you do not cancel, your “Silver” subscription will continue for an additional month, while your “Gold” subscription will continue for a period of three months.

Of course, we regularly provide you with new patterns. Every 2nd week, a new pattern is uploaded to the shop. We will keep you updated on this in our newsletter and tease the new patterns in the “Coming Soon” section further down. You can subscribe to the newsletter at any time via this link.

Choose your Club-Subscription


  • monthly Subscription
  • 2 free Downloads per Month
  • 50% Discount for all other Patterns
  • Club-Only Sewing Patterns

16,00 / month

Includes 19% VAT


  • three months Subscription
  • free Downloads of all Patterns
  • Club-Only Sewing Patterns
  • WhatsApp Group (starting June 23)

29,00 every 3 months

Includes 19% VAT

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More about schnittchen patterns

Sewing –
simply beautiful!

The most beautiful things are handmade – this not only applies when someone comments on a child’s crafted gift, but also to self-sewn clothes, parkas, or shorts, which are also gorgeous. And the cool feeling of wearing a cloth created with your own hands and creativity is priceless!

To ensure that your future favorite pieces are not only beautiful but also easy to sew, we have focused on simple patterns and detailed sewing instructions. Additionally, our patterns come in different levels of difficulty, so there is something for both beginners and advanced sewers in our shop.

And for everyone – whether you’re a professional tailor or a sewing rookie – who wants to know exactly how a pattern works, you can find sewing tutorials in the form of photo tutorials in our sewing blog and under sewing instructions for some of our patterns.


DIY – the true revolution!

The principle of sustainability is found in its purest form in self-making: you design, you create with your own hands, you choose the material. And in the end, you wear it on your body and define your appearance.

Schnittchen Sewing Patterns give you a hand with clear pattern and instructions.

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