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For almost two weeks now, schnittchen is brandnew: new logo, new website, new style and all sewing patterns only as PDF-Downloads.
Some of you probably groan and click on, because you don’t want to spend long time for printing and then glueing together your pattern.

But WAIT! All the print-at-home patterns now include the large 1: 1 Print-At-Copyshop file, which you can print out directly after your purchase at an online print shop or the Copyshop of your trust. So after a few days a you receive your 1:1 printed sewing pattern without any hassle.

Since there are big differences in pricing, we have been busy searching for online printing services at acceptable prices. We were looking not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, England and France.

And – we found some and today would like recommend a few which demand for an B/W A0-print (841 mm x 1189 mm)  + shipping in the respective country between 5 and 8 euros.
Please note! Before placing an order at one of the service providers listed below, please make sure to ask the exact price for the respective pattern, as our patterns are often longer than A0! We put together the exact size of all sewing patterns in a list, you can download here: schnittchen patterns measurements.

Here are our suggestions:


We especially recommend “Günstig Plotten” not ony to our german customers but also to all seamstresses coming from Europe! Here you get your sewing pattern really cheap and very fast! We asked this provider the prices for all schnittchen patterns. You can download the whole list with all prices here: schnittchen patterns measurements and prices (* as of June 2017).
We are trying to keep this list up to date. Nevertheless, the information is without guarantee. If you want to be sure, you should ask the price again before ordering.

Note that shipping costs are added to the cost of printing. These are at “Günstig Plotten” within Germany at 1,45 Euros and within EU and Switzerland 3,70 Euro / Pattern.  If you want to print more patterns, you should ask the shipping costs in advance.

We can also recommend “Die Plotterei“. Here you can upload the patterns directly via the website. Also here are the costs for shipping:


If you want to plot a pattern from Austria, then we can recommend to you “Repro Online“. You can upload the patterns directly through the “order” button.


Unfortunately, we only found quite expensive providers for Switzerland. If you come from Switzerland, then better order your prints at Germany. For example at “Günstig Plotten” the shipping costs are quite moderate (3,70 Euro / pattern)!


For France, we would like to recommend you very much Copy Sew! Elsa has customized her printing service on seamstresses, and you can also upload the patterns directly to her website.Here you can see how Copy Sew works.

Great Britain

For Great Britain we have found several suppliers, which offer a printing service at relatively favorable conditions. Please also ask the exact prices before your order.
Plancopy (Plancopy also offers the possibility to print on semi-transparent paper!)


And last but not least, we would like to recommend you for the USA pdfplotting. Also here you can directly upload your patterns.

Of course we will stick to this topic so that you can have it as simple and uncomplicated – and of course, as cheap as possible. We would be happy if you share your experiences with us at Or just write a comment below this article!


  1. Thank you for the info on the Germany plotting service. Can you also tell me what are the best options for printing your patterns? For example, paper type, color/bw, Cad-Plot? There are so many, I have no idea which to choose.

    many thanks in advance,


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