#SATW Sewing Around The World – Andreia / Lisbon

Olá to all! Slowly we get back into rhythm because it is still June and today we proudly present our June-Sewing-Around-The-World contribution.

We are very happy that we could win Lisbon based Andreia from In a Manner of Sewing . Schnittchen was already known to Andreia when we asked her last year to take part at our Sewing Around The World Tour. She had already sewn two patterns of schnittchen patterns: once the  Coco Jacket and twice the Silvia Coatigan – in normal length and shortened.

For #SATW, Andreia has chosen a pattern from the new schnittchen patterns summer collection. The Amanda Top, a sleeveless top with two double rows of ruffles in the front and the back part – perfect to dance through summer really trendy!

For her Amanda Top, Andreia has chosen a cotton viscose from our favorite portuguese fabric online shop The Sweet Mercerie. Light and airy with small swirling swallows…

We especially like the way Andreia has worked out the slit in the back center! She has made the effort and also covered the small button with the fabric and used a little red-orange loop that highlights the back slightly.

The Amanda Top suits Andreia very well and also her style is simply great! She describes herself on her site as following: “Andreia, from Portugal. Married to my soulmate, mother of two little stars. Serious sewing addict.”

Short, concise, factual but somehow also very poetic. And that is how she also appears on her beautiful photographs: always a special look, whether you call it dreamy, sad or thoughtful, clearly and simply photographed. We love…!

Thanks a lot, dear Andreia, that you also put the Amanda Top on scene in your very own “manner of sewing”! And many, many thanks again to The Sweet Mercerie for their generous support!

And here again, as with every SATW contribution, our little blogger interview:

Present yourself a little bit (name, age, children, name of the blog, age, city where you live, what you are doing when you are not sewing, …)

My name is Andreia, I’m 34 and I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I have two children, a 6 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. I’m a Maths teacher, so I’m usually preparing classes, doing research or materials for my students, which doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time for sewing.

When did you start to sew and why? How did you learn to sew

I started sewing for my kids about 4 years ago, basically because the kind of clothes I was finding in shops for them looked like something I could do or learn how to do, so that’s how I started: a lot of trial and error, some wasted fabric, miles of unpicking and good pdf patterns with great tutorials explaining all the right techniques. A game changer for me was also my serger, it gave me the confidence to try and sew clothes for myself: my first piece was a sweatshirt.

What are your favourite clothes? Do you have a fable for something

My favorite clothes are definitely coats and jumpsuits, I’m a very practical person so the idea of being ready with a single piece of clothing that still makes you look sharp and neat is my idea of perfection. For my kids I love to sew with knits because in less than 30 minutes I can have a t-shirt ready.

What is the sewing project you like the most?

Initially I was drawn to quick and easy projects, but with time I came to enjoy the precision of more labored clothes and the sewing in-between time: opening or pressing seams, marking, basting. Even though it’s more time demanding, it’s much more rewarding to see, for e.g., a coat come to life.

Do you only sew for you or also for other people (husband, children, …)?

I continue to sew for my kids, depending on their wardrobe needs. Usually I sew a larger size for them so it’ll fit for longer. I also sew occasionally for my husband, I made him a pair of jeans which was one of the projects I’m most proud of. There’s a lot of love involving when you’re sewing for your closest family, all the little details count.

From where do you get your ideas? Do you buy patterns or do you invent your own ones?

Pinterest is one of the undeniable sources of inspiration out there, but I do look around all the mainstream shops as well for ideas. I have a lot of patterns I either bought or tested and these make great bases for alterations and tweaks in design. I really don’t advice anyone to invent patterns, there’s a lot of work involved in getting the fit and all the details right, so I’d rather rely and trust on who knows exactly what they’re doing.

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