#SATW Sewing Around The World – Dagmar / Austria

The third candle burns and the Sewing Around The World Tour 2016 is coming to an end. From Japan, Tokyo, where Novita presented her version of the Yogaset last month, we come back very close to Germany. Ar, who lives with her family in Upper Austria, made a brand-new cut with the Betty shirt and introduces him to her blog “Mimi näht”.

The cut pattern shirt Betty is a simple, comfortable shirt with wide overlapping shoulders and a cast 80s style look. The slip is staked in the back and front part. A small slit in the front neckhole gives you the possibility to sew this shirt from the most diverse fabrics.

Dagmar has opted for a wonderful quilting fabric from Albstoffe. Albstoffe is a knitting company – as the name suggests – Albstadt, which produces high-quality GOTS-certified fabrics made in Germany. The quilted fabric used by Dagmar consists of two layers of jacquard jersey between the knitted fabric and a fluffy cotton yarn. The fabric is super-cuddly.

We find that the fabric is a great choice for the Betty shirt and it is once again nice to see how different colors and fabric qualities can change a cut in the look & feel.

Dagmar, by the way, adapted the section to the shoulders, because he was a bit too spicy to her. We’re taking this idea and next week we’ll be setting up a tutorial to customize the shoulder section here in the blog.
Dear Dagmar, thank you very much for your great contribution and thanks to Albstoffe for the generous support!

Now follows the little interview, that we have of course also sent Dagmar and the reference to you necessarily to subscribe to the blog of Dagmar. Dagmar is one of the seamstresses who sew with great care and who is always trying out great combinations of fabrics for herself and her no less photogenic daughter.

(Name, age, children, name of the blog, city where you live, what you do, if you do not sew …)

My name is Daxi (38), I live in the pretty Upper Austria quite rural in a small 4000 souls community. I studied pharmacy and worked half-day as a pharmacist. My daughter will be 9 soon, she is a real Christ child :)! My profession, my child, the household, our dog, the garden and the sewing keep me very busy! My blog is called miminaeht.blogspot.com

Since when have you been sewing – and why? How did you learn it?

I’ve been around for 4.5 years. At that time, I always ordered self-stitched things for my little daughter about Dawanda. Anyway, the name of the cut was in the article description, so I came up with the word Ebook, Blog and DIY for the first time in touch. I had an unpacked sewing machine in the closet for a year, which I then took out, ordered fabrics for three pillow cases and was infected from this point on! At this point, I spontaneously started my blog, 1 week later, my overlock was already here. Then I was no longer stopping! I have everything myself, at the beginning I sew only exactly according to the instructions of the Ebooks.

What clothes do you like most? Do you have a soft spot for a particular style / particular item of clothing?

I can not say what I like most about, because I like everything so much! Whether it’s a simple T- shirt or a more elaborate jacket! In principle, I like everything, which has turned out a bit, everything, with the certain extra, a no retrotouch I like quite synonymous.

Which of your favorite projects do you like the most?

I am still proud of my musty coat! I’ve sewn it, when I was just 5 months at the Nähma sat, man was the elaborate! The special thing was that I have 2 cuts from a Burda from the 60s and a recent cut mixed. I still wear the coat super-super.

Are you only sewing for yourself or for other people (husband, children, …)?

I prefer to go for my child and my godparents, for me and from time to time for my treasure!

Where do you get your ideas from? Of cuts or do you implement your own ideas?

Since I’ve never learned cutting technique or drawing, I always access ebooks / paper cuts as a base and change these very gladly to my taste. There is a shirt blouse, for example, sometimes a fancy frilly blouse!

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