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Also in February, an absolute “sewingjunkie” sewed a schnittchen pattern. So we travel from our first contribution to Sewing Around the World in January by Silvia from Berlin to Julie in Paris. Anyone reading international sewing blogs, sure knows Julie of Jolies Bobines who always seems to have a sewing machine at her side. Julie sews like crazy and combines sewing patterns with fabrics in a great and very special manner.

Julie has chosen  Sewing Pattern Cardigan Lola for her contribution to Sewing Around the World. The fabric for Lola comes from The Sweet Mercercie, a French-language online fabric shop from Portugal. Interesting combination, right? Yvonne, one of the owners of Sweet Mercerie, told us how it came about: she has previously worked in Germany in the textile sector and then worked together a lot with the fabrc industry in Portugal. Together with her friend Djelani she founded The Sweet Mercerie in 2014 to offer fabrics from local production.
Julie picked a fancy knit fabric with ethnic patterns from The Sweet Mercerie: not too thick, not too thin perfect for Lola and for the post-winter-pre-spring season. The reddish left side of the fabric makes a nice contrast from inside to outside! And the best: pattern and fabric fit jeans & t-shirt as well as a white blouse & pencil skirt
Also Julie wrote a text to her Sewing Project and published it here and also on her blog:Here is my Cardigan Lola from schnittchen. I love the patterns of schnittchen and Lola is one of my favorites: an actual, simple and easy to sew pattern, but with little details that make all the difference! I chose a jersey fabric ethnic from The Sweet Mercerie. But I see so many combinations, so it will be  not my only version! I play one more time with connection pattern, and for the buttons I chose to use 2 metal press stud!
And fantastic news, this pattern is now available in French!”

joliesbobines-lola-5joliesbobines-lola-2What do you think about this Lola from Julie? We think this one is très chic! Merci beaucoup Julie et à bientot! Et merci beaucoup The Mercerie!All photos from © Jolies Bobines 2016

Pattern: Sewing Pattern Cardigan Lola from schnittchen

Fabric: Knitted Fabric from The Sweet Mercerie

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2 comments on “Sewing Around The World – Julie / France

  1. Everything Julie touches turns to gold – this is no exception. Great fabric choice from one of the best fabric shops out there 🙂

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