Sewing Around The World

Sewing Around The World is a new bloggerproject we are launching in 2016. 12 sewing blogger from 12 different cities and countries will be sewing a schnittchen sewing pattern each month and will be introducing themselves and their projects at schnittchen blog as well as at their own blogs. We are very excited and happy that the following ladies are taking part:


Julie (joliesbobines) from France, Silvia (Frau Gold) from Germany, Marcy (Oonaballoona) from USA, Dagmar (miminaeht) from Austria, Katie (What Katie Sews) from England,  Novita (verypurpleperson) from Japan, Anna (paunnet) from Italy, Trine (Groovy Baby and Mama) from Denmark, Rachel (House of Pinheiro) a Brazilian from England, Amanda (Bimble and Pimble) from Australia and Anna (annaneah) from Sweden.

This project is also supported by fabric stores “all around the world”! Every sewing Blogger chose a fabric from a fabric store in the respective country. So we are very happy about the support from amongst other  SupercutStoff und StilSweet MercerieOhlsson TygerMerchant and Mills and The Village Haberdashery.

If you want to be up to date about “Sewing Around The World” just sign up for the schnittchen Newsletter or like us at Facebook or on Instagram.

We wish you all a happy new year! See you next year…

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