Jacket Mimi Sewalong – Day 3


Today, at third day of the Jacket Mimi Sewalong, we will sew and attach the breast pocket, sew the yoke to the back and close the shoulder seams. First pin the upper edge of the breast pocket lining to the edge of the breast pocket (outer fabric), right sides together. Sew and leave a 2 cm wide hole in the center for turning the pocket over.



Then pull the breast pocket lining downwards and pin to the breast pocket (outer fabric), right sides together. Consider that again the lining is about 3 mm smaller than the outer fabric breast pocket so that – when attaching the pocket to the front – the outer fabric rolls over the lining and hides the seams.


Clip the seam allowance along the curves and turn pocket over and close the hole. Don’t press the pocket!




Pin breast pocket to the left front piece heeding the marks for the breast pocket. Again you have two possibilies to attach the pocket. You can eithe choose the easier way and just sew the pocket from right side to the front piece sewing as close to the edge as possible all the way round. Or you choose again the more elaborate way pinning and sewing only the lining to the front (like we did with the lower pocket). Like this you will not see the seams in the end.


Well, now all pockets are sewn to the front pieces.


Next step is to sew the yoke to the back piece. Therefore pin the yoke to the back piece right sides together and sew. Press seam allowances open.



Now pin front pieces to the back piece, right sides together and close shoulder seams and sew. Press seam allowances open.


Well, that’s it for today! Tomorrow we will finish the outer fabric jacket by sewing and attaching the sleeves as well as the outer collar. And don’t forget to link maybe via InLinkz or by uploading your updates at Instagram using the hashtag #jacketmimisewalong

See you tomorrow! Have a nice saturday!

Cheers, Silke

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