Schnittchen featuring Pattydoo – New Sewing Pattern Skirt Franka



Maybe you already know: Ina from Pattydoo launched together with snaply Nähkram her first fabric collection. Four different fabric lines came out – all GOTS certified, in other words all fabrics are fair produced, low-emissioned and made with biologically produced natural fibers.

I also was asked to sew something with the new fabrics and when the fabric arrived I remembered a pattern which I wanted to release already a long time ago. Sewing Pattern Skirt Franka is a wide skirt with an elastic waist for little ladies in all sizes. I have sewn the skirt with Geometric Fever Line Orange from Pattydoo .

The skirt is very easy to sew and also suitable for beginners. It is a multize pattern including sizes 98-158. And for those of you who need the skirt even bigger – just grab Sewing Pattern Skirt Elsa. It’s exactly the same skirt but for Teenies and Ladies. It comes in sizes 34-46.




As already mentioned the skirt is easy to sew but for those of you who need some assistance I brought out again the photo tutorial for Skirt Elsa. It’s exactly the same for Sewing Pattern Skirt Franka.

Have fun Sewing!


( 1 ) Neaten the straight pocket edges using a zigzag-stitch. Fuse interfacing to the pocket facings. Mind the manufacturers instruction.




( 2 ) Pin pocket facings to the pocket mouth right sides together. Sew, trim sewing allowance and neaten using a zigzag-stitch.
( 3 ) Neaten the raw edge of the pocket facing using a zigzag-stitch. Turn pocket facing inside and topstitch the mouth of the pocket.


( 4 ) Fold in sewing allowance 1cm at the upper, long and bottom edges of the pocket and press. Pin the pockets to the front skirt according to the marks. Stitch the bottom edge of the pocket to the skirt.


( 5 ) Pin the front to the back skirt right side facing each other. Close side seams catching the pockets in the seams. Neaten sewing allowance using a zigzag-stitch and press towards the back.

( 6 ) Neaten hem using a zigzag-stitch. Fold in 1cm, press and topstitch at 0,7cm from the bottom.


( 7 ) Neaten belt loops using a zigzag-stitch and fold in half lengthwise right sides facing. Sew, press sewing allowance open and turn belt loops right side out. Pin to the back piece according to the marks.


( 8 ) Neaten the short edges of the waistband. Place short edges right sides together to form a ring and sew. Leave an opening of about 2,5cm at the bottom. This is where the elastic will be inserted later on. Press sewing allowance open.




( 9 ) Fold the waistband in half lengthwise and press. Pin the waistband to the skirt right sides together. Sew, neaten sewing allowance using a zigzag-stitch and press down.


( 10 ) Cut elastic, if possible check length at the child’s waist. Insert elastic using a safety pin. Close elastic forming a ring.




( 11 ) Topstitch the long edges of the pockets. Stop sewing when reaching the waistband.
( 12 ) Fold the upper pocket edges in 1cm and stitch to the waistband. Do not catch elastic when sewing.
( 13 ) Fold the upper edges of the belt loops in 1cm and stitch to the waistband. Do not catch elastic when sewing.


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