Sewing Pattern Shirt Mira – Schnittchen of the Month


July – that sounds like summer, sun, ease and it seems to be real: the sky is blue and the sun is shining. That’s why the shirt Mira is schnittchen of the month in July and reduced in price. Sewing pattern shirt Mira consists of only two parts front and back – and is really easy to sew. A pleat in the left shoulder and another one in the left side seam gives anice shape and turns this a quite simple pattern simple cut in a .

I have simply extended shirt Mira by 25cm and made a dress out of it. I used a nice shiny (but quite slippery ) Jersey.

How to , I will show you in the following photo tutorial – with this you can easily sew shirt Mira also with the german sewing instructions.

So, here we go! Have fun!



Sewing Pattern Shirt Mira – Sewing Tutorial


(  1 ) If you like to sew Mira as a dress just check the length and add the missing length to the back and the front pieces. I added 25cm (my height 170cm).

( 2) Neaten all edges with zigzag-stitch.



( 3 ) Pin back and front together and sew shoulderseams. Press seams open.


( 4 ) Turn neckhole trimmig inside.



( 5 ) Fold shoulderpleat as marked in the pattern and stitch from beginning to end.


( 6 ) Press sleeve hem up 3cm.


( 7 ) Pin back and front together and sew side and sleeveseams. Press seams open.


( 8 ) Fold pleat in the left side seams as marked in the pattern. Fix fold by hand at side seam.


( 9 ) Press hem up 3cm.

( 10 ) Topstitch all hemsat 3cm from the edge. Ready!


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