“GATHERING” – TAUKO NO. 11 THE blouse AINA and the Skirt Yva Sewing Patterns

The new TAUKO Magazine issue 11 titled “Gathering” has finally been officially released since yesterday. As mentioned in the previous blog post, this issue also includes two sewing patterns from me – the AINA Blouse and the YVA Skirt. Both can also be purchased separately as PDF downloads in the TAUKO Shop!

AINA is an airy blouse with short, cut-on sleeves and an asymmetric yoke at the back. The front pieces are slightly gathered at the top. The blouse is closed in a classic manner with a concealed button placket.

By the way, I was inspired to create this blouse by a top I bought secondhand years ago, which – similar to AINA now – has an asymmetric yoke at the back. This detail has always fascinated me, and I’ve wanted to incorporate it into a sewing pattern for a long time.

As for the choice of fabric, there are no limits to your imagination with AINA. Whether light denim, cotton, flowing viscose, or silk, glittering, sparkling, or embroidered.

To make the fabric selection easier for you, Lara from 1000Stoff has selected two fabrics from her shop, available in multiple colors. How did this come about?

A few years ago, Lara and I met through a mutual friend, and our paths have crossed from time to time. And when I received the first photos from the TAUKO Magazine team of the shoot for Aina and Yva, I saw that Lara has modeled for TAUKO, presenting the blouse AINA. Neither of us knew – she didn’t know she was wearing a pattern from schnittchen, and I didn’t know she would be modeling for AINA.

So, to celebrate a bit, here are the two fabrics Lara has chosen, along with a 10% discount on these and all other regular fabrics at 1000Stoff. The code for this is schnittchentauko1000.

By the way: if you want to see how differently AINA has already been interpreted, take a look at the Community Makes on the TAUKO website, or check out the hashtag #TAUKOaina on Instagram.

And then there’s YVA, the perfect complement to AINA. YVA is a fitted skirt with a long slit in the front center. Perfect for YVA is a denim with stretch, but you can of course use other fabric qualities for YVA as well. However, a bit of elastane is good for YVA, so you have sufficient leg freedom. Because I believe cycling should always be possible with a skirt…

There are already several sewn versions of YVA among the Community Makes and also on Instagram under the hashtag #TAUKOyva.

And if you want to sew Yva, take a look at the Designer Leftovers at 1000Stoff. The fabric for the prototype of Yva – a denim with stretch – comes from this category.

I’m thrilled to be included with these two sewing patterns in this wonderful issue of TAUKO. And if you sew one of the two patterns, I would be delighted if you tagged me on Instagram.

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