Sewing Pattern Marion Coat in German Tweed

I know it took a while to finish my Marion Coat. But now here it is, right in time to wear it during still some fresh mornings and evenings here in Munich. Today I would like to finally show it and draw your attention to a fabric manufacturer from Germany, who provided me with this beautiful fabric.

It’s Zuleeg, who has been producing high-quality clothing fabrics near Bayreuth, Germany, for over 90 years and – since a few months – is running an online shop, where now also seamstresses can order beautiful and high-quality fabrics. All fabrics are made in their own weaving mill and also the wool and fibers come to a large extent from Germany.

For the Marion Coat I chose a fabric from the Zuleeg German Tweed collection. The great thing about this collection is that really everything that leads to the final product is made in Germany: the wool comes from sheep from the Swabian Alb and is then processed into raw and colored yarn in a spinning mill located in Zwickau. And in the end, the wool comes to Zuleeg, where then the great fabrics are woven.

My fabric is a red and black German Tweed, which is unfortunately already sold out. However, there are still two other, no less beautiful color-mashed fishbone tweeds left. Also a checkered one and one plain-colored. And I can tell you, it’s such fun to wear this fabric! No scratching, it’s super loose and soft and has a great temperature!

I think it’s a really nice choice for the Marion Coat. Also it would be great for the Silvia Coatigan!

Maybe you would like to know more about Zuleeg or you are interested in sustainability and sewing. Then I recommend to check in on schnittchen blog. We have something nice coming up!

Zuleeg Store follow this link

Zuleeg @Instagram

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