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“Isn’t she loveley” by Stevie Wonder I had stuck in my had whenever I looked at the photos Anna sent us as her contribution to Sewing Around The World. On our last stop we saw Marcy alias oonaballoona with her wild patterned Wax Print version of the Rachel Overall set in scene in front of New Yorks skyline. Now on our 6th stop we visit Anna Neah at home in Sweden and dive into her warm and flowery scented world.


Anna has chosen the Luciana Dress pattern for her contribution and we think this choice again fits perfectly as this dress seems to be tailor-made for Anna. Perfect also the choice of fabric: a delicately floral viscose / poplin blend of Ohlssons Tyger with a smooth fall that makes the dress swing nicely while dancing at Midsommar…


Also with Anna we could win a blogger for our Sewing Around The World Tour, who sews and knits tirelessly. Srolling through her blog the reader quickly notices that she is keen on dresses and vintages styles.  We think the Luciana Dress lines up quite well!


In any case, the blog of Anna Neah is a delight and how nice would it be to open the door of Anna’s lovingly and beautifully designed house, look around and have a chat with her about her sewing passion.


Also Anna answered some questions and chatted a bit out of school. You can read the whole interview right down to this article but before, a big “thank you” to Anna for the great inspiration to the Luciana Dress and her beautiful photos.

And in the end Stevie may really not be missed although we actuallly do not have to as because we definetely know: She is so lovely!

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Present yourself a little bit (name, age, children, name of the blog, age, city where you live, what you are doing when you are not sewing, …)

My name is Anna Neah Deutgen and I am 41 years old. I live in an old school house from 1903 with my husband Thomas, daughter Signe (10 months), two cats and one dog. We live in a small village outside beautiful Karlshamn in the south part of Sweden and country life suits me well. I was born and raised on a farm close by.
When I’m not sewing or am on parental leave like now, I work as a project manager. I also have my own company where I do sound design for a national radio show. I also sing and do web related things in my company. Besides sewing I spend a whole lot of time in my garden and with restoring our old house.

When did you start to sew and why? How did you learn to sew?
We always had a sewing machine at home and I am self taught. I learned how to sew curtains and pillows first. Then somewhere along the way I tried sewing from a pattern for the first time but thought it was really complicated. Some years past and I made artsy costumes for photo projects without patterns but with the help of my sister’s dressform. From there I got into musicals and made my own stage costumes. Draping on a dress form is where I got comfortable with sewing. Using patterns came much later. Now I use both methods to make my clothes.

What are your favourite clothes? Do you have a fable for something?
My favourite thing to sew are always dresses. That’s what I wear most of the time all year round. Often in flowery and colourful fabrics. I have very few clothes in black. Viscose/rayon and cotton are my favourite fabrics to use.

Do you only sew for you or also for other people (husband, children, …)?
I am really quite a selfish dressmaker and mostly sew for myself with a few exceptions. I have started to make things for my daughter from leftover dress scraps. That way we can be beautifully matched which is very cute. I have also made a shirt for my husband and dresses for my nieces but mostly sewing is something I do for myself.

From where do you get your ideas? Do you buy patterns or do you invent your own ones?
I find a lot of inspiration from Pinterest
where I gather ideas and sewing techniques. I also find a lot of inspirations from movies.
I buy quite a lot of patterns and mix and match among them for example using an arm from one with a bodice from another along with a selfdrafted skirt.

Sewing is like meditation for me. After a day of sewing I feel completely at peace. I also use my sewing time to bingewatch tv-series and movies.

I blog here: and there is a translate button for non-swedish reraders.
I am also a frequent Instagram user.

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