Jacket Mimi Sewalong – Day 5


Today, on 5th day of the Jacket Mimi Sewalong, it’s going to be exciting. We will sew the lining and insert the zipper. Let’s start with the lining.

On 2nd day of this Sewalong I have noted that it is important to transfer all marks – especially that ones at the seam and the front facings.  This marks are important in the following! Pin the front facings to the front pieces of the lining right sides together. Please note that the facing along the hemline is about 1 cm longer than the lining. Heed the marks! They should match while pinning and sewing.





It is also important that you sew only as far as the notch, i.e. stop sewing 2 cm before the hemline of the lining.


When you have attached the facings to the lining the shoulder seams must be closed. Therefore pin the front pieces to the back piece right sides together. Sew and press seam allowances open.

mimi-sewalong-52Pin the sleeves to the armhole, right sides together (sleeve is still open). Heed the marks as done attaching the outerfabric sleeves. Sew the sleeves to the armhole and press seam allowances open.


Fold the sleeves right sides together. Close side and sleeve seams in one go leaving a 20 cm wide hole in the seam on the let arm. Through this you will turn over the jacket later.



Pin the inside collar to the head opening. Again heed the marks (center back and shoulder) as you did sewing the outer collar at the outer fabric jacket. Sew and press seam allowances open.


Well, now as we have finished the lining – let’s sew the zipper. First of all open your zipper and pin the part without the slider to the right side of the outer fabric front, right sides together. The textile edge of the zipper matches up with the raw edge of the outer fabric, the teeth of the zipper start about 1,5 cm below the upper raw edge of the collar.



The zipper ends 4 cm above the raw edge of the hemline.



Sew the zipper to the opening using a zipper foot.


Fold the protruding textile of the zipper and pin it to the side.


Pin the other piece (with slider) to the left front piece right sides together heeding again the notches and sew.




The zipper is attached and I hope it closes easily and smoothly…:) Last thing to do for today is to fold the cuffs inside and press.


Tomorrow we will start lining (yeah!) and on Thursday there is time left to do the finish. So stay tuned! See you – best, Silke

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