Sewalong Sewing Pattern Dress Zoe – Gathering Fabric and Supplies


Welcome to Sewing Pattern Dress Zoe Sewalong!  Today we start with some thoughts on your choice of fabric and with all the material and “equipment” you will need to sew dress Zoe. Then we’ll be giving you one week to pick out your fabric and gather your supplies.

As written in the description Dress Zoe has two different sleeves and a Peter Pan collar variations that you also can leave out. By choosing one version you determine the style the style of your dress. If you decide to sew the version with short sleeves and Peter Pan collar, your dress will rather  be a playful, romantic dress. However, by choosing dark fabrics or fabrics with large patterns you may again break this style and even this version becomes a little bit more classic. The cuff sleeves and a sheer neckline without collar on the other hand will give your dress a more casual touch.

So, first you should you decide which dress version you want to sew and then it’s on fabric search.

For the dress Zoe you’ll need the following:

Fabric (width 140cm):
for version with long sleeves:
sizes 34-38: 250cm
sizes 40-42: 280cm
sizes 44-46: 300cm

for version with short sleeves:
sizes 34-38: 240cm
sizes 40-42: 260cm
sizes 44-46: 280cm

fusible intefacing 90 cm x 100 cm, if you want to sew dress Zoe with long sleeves and french cuffs and with collar


a 60 cm long dresses zipper or a so-called seam zipper for which you need a special presser foot

As recommended fabric I listed cotton, linen, lightweight wool or viscose fabrics. The fabric should in any case not be too stiff, but on the other hand not too loose.  The fusible interfacing you may need for the cuffs, the collar and the neckhole BELEGE and makes your fabric sturdier. Thickness and color depends on the fabrics you use.

Choosing a fabric the color and pattern are of course entirely up to your taste. However, keep the pin tucks in the bodice in mind. It’s easier to sew Zoe with single-coloured or small patterned fabrics. If you sew the french cuffs and collar you can also consider to use contrasting colours for these…

For my part I’ve checked my fabric range (which I definetely have to reduce step by step …) and picked a blue linen fabric with unregular white lines. I will sew the dress without a collar with cuffed sleeves. I think this will be a nice autumn dress!


Here are a few different fabric options I’ve come across during my online window shopping and that I would like to have ALL and dress all autumn in different Zoes….


From Up to Down and Left to Right:


Blümchen hellblau BIO Michael Miller – Cascade orange Dobby uni türkis Nani IRO sen ritsu

Stoff & Co:

Candy FlakeCosmic BlueDottie GreyShine Green

Das Blaue Tuch:

Abstraktes Blaues MusterBunte Kreise auf BeigeJapanisches TuchPünktchen pink auf lila

Stoffsalon Wien:

Chambray BlackNani IRO Hering Bone PencilNani IRO Joy Flower SmileBiobaumwolle Scribbles

stoffe meyer:

CrosshatchLeinen Crash OrangeLeinen Crash Türkis Novella Rain

Now you only need your sewing machine – a standard sewing machine is doing wonderfully well – and yet some other “equipment”.


copying paper and tracing wheel  to copy all marks from the pattern pieces to the left side of the fabric pieces

scissors for fabric

paper scissors to cut out the paper pattern pieces fabric scissors

sewing Needles

sewing machine needles


dressmaker’s carbon or pencils




Well, now it’s time to gather all the stuff you need, sharpen your scissors and give your machine a slug of oil. If you have any questions so far just post a your query at the end of this post.

Next week we will directly head over to cut the fabric.

Sew long …

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