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1 Questions considering the ordering process

Do I have to register with schnittchen to buy a pattern?

No, you do not have to register, but we still need to collect your name and address in order to handle your order.

Are there any advantages registering with schnittchen?

Ordering is convenient because your address will be stored in your account, so you need to provide your shipping and billing information only once. You may choose different delivery and billing addresses from your account. You are also able to view all of your previous purchases and their current status.

Where do I find my shopping cart?

The shopping cart will be shown to you during the ordering process. There is also a “shopping cart”-button in the main menu in the upper right corner.

What if I need to change an order?

To change or delete an order in your shopping cart use the “refresh” button (i. e. to delete or change the number of a pattern).

Later on changing your order is possible by following the edit-link. If you have actually placed an incorrect order, please contact us via email (info@schnittchen.com) as quickly as possible so that we will be able to change the order.

How do I know that my order has been placed?

After placing an order schnittchen will send a confirmation mail to confirm that your order has been received and will be processed. You will also receive follow-up emails on your order.

Do you ship worldwide?

We accept international orders. If your country is not listed in the drop-down menu, please contact us via email (info@schnittchen.com). Please note, that postage will be higher for international mail.

2 Questions considering the payment options

What payment options do you offer?

You can choose from different payment options: advance payment, PayPal, immediate money transfer or direct debit. For making an immediate money transfer you need online access to your banking account and PIN/TAN numbers or similar. When choosing advance payment, your order will be shipped as soon as your payment is received. When using PayPal or immediate money transfer your order will be shipped right away. After receiving your payment, there is a shipping time of 3-4 business days.

Where do I find the information needed for advance payment?

The information will be given to you during the order process. You may also find it enclosed in your confirmation email.

How do I redeem a coupon-code?

You will be asked for a coupon-code during the order process. Enter into the designated box and the amount will be credited against your order.

3 Questions considering the delivery

How much will postage be?

Postage depends on the weight of your order and the country your order will be shipped. Find a list with postage per kg following the link “postage”. During the last step before completing your order, you will be shown the correct shipping costs.

How long does shipping take?

After receiving your payment, shipping takes about 3-4 business days. If you paid using PayPal or immediate money transfer, the payment is received immediately. For advance payment allow 1-2 business days for the money to arrive.

How can I follow up on my order?

An email will be sent to you whenever the status of your order changes.

Is it possible to have my order shipped to a different delivery address?

Yes, you may add up to 5 different delivery and billing addresses. For doing so you need to register with schnittchen.

4 Questions concerning your personal information.

How can I see, change or delete my personal information?

If you registered with schnittchen, you may change your personal information after login. If you placed an order without registration, your address will solely be stored for the purpose of handling your order and will be treated strictly confidential.

How can I sign up for the newsletter, unsubscribe from the newsletter or change the email-address for my newsletter subscription?

You can sign up for the newsletter during the order process or by entering your email-address into the newsletter box (see below). Each newsletter contains a link for unsubscribing from the newsletter. You may also simply send an email using “Unsubscribe from newsletter” as a header.

5 Questions concerning the patterns.

What are downloadable patterns?

Downloadable patterns are patterns, that are available in pdf-format and are printed on your home printer after downloading. What you need for printing a pattern and how to glue a pattern best, can be found on the page “how-to work with downloadable patterns”.

How do I choose the correct size?

Each pattern contains a measurements chart so that you may choose the correct size by comparing your measurements to the chart. The chart is also available in the shop by clicking on “measurements chart”.

6 easy and easy+ – What does that mean?

Since we always strive to find easy and simple patterns for you, there are only two different difficulty levels with the schnittchen patterns: easy and easy+. We generally recommend that you already sat in front of a sewing machine and gained basic sewing knowledge, ideally by sewing a garment.


Patterns, that are easy to sew and require basic sewing knowledge. Whether the pattern is suitable for beginners will be noted separately.


Patterns that afford advanced sewing knowledge. These patterns might contain small difficulties such as: adding a lining or inserting a zipper, sewing a collar and the like.

We try to provide a step-by-step photo instruction for each pattern. You may find it linked to each pattern in the shop.

7 Questions concerning schnittchen

How may I contact you?

Please send us an email to info@schnittchen.com. There is also a chat-button in the bottom right corner for connecting to schnittchen. If we are not online at the moment, please leave a message. We will get back to you and try to help, even if it may take a while.

Is there a schnittchen-store?

No, unfortunately there is no schnittchen-store. If you are in Munich, you may pick up your order personally. Please call first before visiting the studio in Adlzreiter Straße 24 to make sure we will be there.

Where else can I buy schnittchen patterns?

There is a list of stores carrying schnittchen patterns here. If you own a store and would like to sell schnittchen patterns, you will also find the specific information there.


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