Sewing Pattern Dress Luna is a breezy reversible dress with a “fake” polo-style hidden placket at the front head opening. There is a V-neck opening at the back of the bodice and the hemline in the back is a little longer. The V-neck can also be worn in the front. Sewing Pattern Dress Luna is easy to sew.

its womens sizes: 34/36/38/40/42/44/46
Fabric Requirements: viscose, silk, light fabrics

Fabric Requirement*:
sizes 34–46: 275 cm
*with a fabric width of 140cm
braid 2.5 cm wide, 30 cm long
fusible interfacing 90 cm x 40 cm


A size chart you find in the sewing instructions or right here. The “real measurements” of the dress are the following:


size 34:
chest 84,4 cm; waist 90,8 cm; width of hem 198 cm;  back length (V-neck) 96 cm

size 36:
chest 87,4 cm; waist 94,8 cm; width of hem 201 cm;  back length (V-neck) 96 cm

size 38:
chest 90,6 cm; waist 99 cm; width of hem 204 cm;  back length (V-neckt) 96 cm

size 40:
chest 94,6 cm; waist 104,4 cm; width of hem 208 cm;  back length (V-neck) 96 cm

size 42:
chest 98,8 cm; waist 110 cm; width of hem 212 cm;  back lenhth (V-neck) 96 cm

size 44:
chest 102,8 cm; waist 115,4 cm; width of hem 216 cm;  back length (V-neck) 96 cm

size 46:
chest 109 cm; waist 122 cm; width of hem 221,4 cm;  back length (V-neck) 96 cm


The following photo tutorial shows the most important steps. The numbers correspond with the numbers of the sewing instruction.


For binding the armholes check out this video about Sewing Pattern Dress Nani. Starting at minute 5 there is a detailed description of how to bind the armholes.

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