Sewing Pattern Dress Julie is a tube dress with a slightly fitted waistline, a zipper and a slit opening in the centre back. The cap sleeves are lined with a contrasting fabric. The dress can be sewn without sleeves as well. Sewing Pattern Dress Julie is more complex to sew. Sewing knowledge advisable.

fits women’s sizes: 34/36/38/40/42/44/46
Fabric Recommendation: cotton, viscose, light wool

Fabric Reuqirements:
Sizes 34 – 46: 160 cm
contrasting fabric for sleeve lining:
all sizes 50 cm
* with a fabric width of 140cm
1 invisable zipper 60 cm long
fusible interfacing 90 x 30 cm

A size chart you find in the sewing instructions or right here. The “real measurements” of the dress are the following:

size 34:
chest 82,2 cm; waist 90,8 cm; hips 92,4 cm; back length 103 cm
Größe 36:
chest 85 cm; waist 86 cm; hips 95,4 cm; back length 103 cm
Größe 38:
chest 88 cm; waist 89 cm; hips 98,4 cm; back length 103 cm
Größe 40:
chest 92 cm; waist 93 cm; hips 102,4 cm; back length 103 cm
Größe 42:
chest 95,8 cm; waist 97 cm; hips 106,4 cm; back length 103 cm
Größe 44:
chest 99,8 cm; waist 120,1 cm; hips 110,4 cm; back length 103 cm
Größe 46:
chest 105,8 cm; waist 107 cm; hips 116 cm; back length 103 cm


The following photo tutorial shows the most important steps. The numbers correspond with the numbers of the sewing instruction.


How to sew the zipper you can watch here in two very helpful videos. The first one from Connecting Threads shows how to sew an invisible zipper. Please consider that the textile edge of the zipper matches up with the raw edge of the outer fabric! This is because all schnittchen patterns have a seam allowance of 1 cm.

You can also insert a regular zipper. For this there is another helpful video from MADE Everyday. Check out the second part of the video. For inserting a regular zipper the parts up and below the zipper opening has to be closed and the seam allowances should be pressed.

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